Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Calvin and Rylee were nerds for Halloween.

The other morning I woke up to my 3 little kids sleeping in bed with me. They tend to do that when their dad works at the station. Out of all 4 of us who slept in that bed it was me who wet the bed. Yes thats right I wet the bed, thats what happens when I get bad bladder infections. You just have to laugh about it especially because it should have been one of the kids wetting my bed but no it was the mom.

Lance and Jake fight all the time. Lance instigates and wins almost every fight. He's the one on the top, you know the one with the fangs. The other morning he hurt Jake pretty bad so I sent him to his room. After Jake stopped crying he yelled out to Lance, "Lance your going to be in your room for 27 seconds."

I was reading my blog to Rylee about Jake being a super freak and he over heard me say, "where has my baby precious gone?" He got mad and said, "Mom I'm still your princess."

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