Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

carving pumpkins

Rylee told Jake that if you eat a pumpkin seed it will grow in your body. Seth ate a pumpkin seed and jake said, "you are going to get pumpkin fat".

Freak Show

Jake Lance

Jake my youngest boy, baby precious, a little bit spoiled to say the least. He is not the most aggressive kid. He's a softy, a daydreamer, and a cuddlier. He told me he wanted to play basketball because he was good. I believed him because he was very convincing but I should have known better. He just finished up soccer and he loved it but he was one of those kids that would play with the butterflies in the field rather than the ball. When we went to basketball the first day the kids practice for the first half hour and play the game the last half hour. Now Jake I thought was tall for his age until I got to the game and saw that half of his team were a head taller and they played like little professionals. They were pulling off underhand layups! When they were warming up and passing the ball back and forth to each other Jake was teamed up with one of the big boys. He was passing the ball so hard to Jake that by the last catch Jake started crying. He had fun in the game even though no one passed to him and I don't thinks he touched the ball once. So yesterday when Jake, Lance and I went to the second basket ball game, Jake immediately said that he didn't want to warm up. Lance decided that he wanted to play basketball when he saw how fun it was the first game so I told Jake that if he didn't want to warm up than he couldn't play ball and his brother would gladly take his spot. Jake was ok with that until the game started thats when he grew horns and turned red. I would have asked if they could both play but their team was so full. For a half hour Jake screamed, cried, jumped up and down, and kicked my wheelchair. It was so embarrassing. I tried to leave and go in the hallway but every time I went to push my wheels he would hold me back while still screaming of course. When we got home he was still raging, so i put him in his room. Where he proceeded to kick a hole in the door. Where has my baby precious gone?

Friday, October 28, 2011


I've been working on driving since January of last year. Its taking this long because we don't have $40,000. laying around to buy a hand controlled wheelchair accessible vehicle. So we have had to go to the state and ask them for help. They might be able to help out with some of it but in the meantime they have asked me to take an assessment to see what vehicle would fit me best. I had to take my open book learners test and that was so hard. Doing all that reading and studying I thought that my head was going to explode. I cant believe that I passed on the first try, I felt pretty smart. I now have to take 6 hrs. of driving school in a hand controlled vehicle. I'm so excited about that part. After that is done they will submit all the paper work into the state and they will say yes or no to helping me pay for half of the vehicle. I have felt like a prisoner in my own home. For the past 4yrs. I've had to rely on neighbors, family, and friends to drive the kids and I places. Thank goodness for all the good people in our lives. If it weren't for this accident I would not have met all these beautiful people in my life. I cant wait to drive my kids to school, games, mommy son and mommy daughter dates. Oh to have that freedom back will be so uplifting.

My chatter box, seth!

Seth is an amazing athlete. Everything comes easy for him. I asked him one day if he did a back flip on his skis, and he said "thats to easy mom, i don't do that anymore!" When he was playing soccer, he wasn't wearing his right jersey. The other soccer coach asked if he was one of the players, because he plays twice as good as anyone else.
Seth loves to talk. He is a great communicator. He always has to be in everyones business, always talking! I love it because we can talk for hours at a time.
I couldn't find a picture of seth around the time of the accident so I put up this one on the far left of when he was just a little fella. The other picture was taken this year. He is 12 now and he was 8 when I entered into hell.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Angel Meg

This girl is god sent. She was picked just for our family. Heavenly Father knew we needed her. When I broke my neck she was in kindergarden. She didn't want to go any more she just wanted to stay at home and take care of her mom she was five then. I let her stay home because she has a August birthday and the cut off date is the first of September. So now she's the oldest in her class and I find that works better for my kids. She is still the second mommy in our house. When my morning routine is taking longer than it should which is often Meg will than wake up the two little boys, get jake dressed, and feed them both breakfast and its not just cereal. She makes them eggs and toast and pancakes. She walks them to and from school and helps Jake with his homework. She even sleeps with me when paul sleeps at the Fire Station for his forty-eight hour shift. One last thing she is so affectionate.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sir Lance a little

Lance is my second youngest son. He was just three here when I broke my neck. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. He would do anything for anybody. He is a very hard worker and is so independent. I love how thoughtful he is.

The Flight

Let me tell you about my long boarding accident, just in case some of you don't know what a long board is. Its just a long skate board. Four and a half years ago I was riding down a hill in Alpine with my two beautiful oldest boys nine and eleven years of age at that time. My brother who I love and adore was with me too. He was in his twenties and I was thirty three. Right before we left the house to go boarding my husband was out gardening and he yelled out to us to be careful. My husband is one of those sexy firefighters. Lucky me eh! So we were at the top of the hill looking down and I willingly let all the boys go first. They made it look easy. I got on the board, l was doing great at the start but than l started picking up to much speed. The road came to a T and there was a tall fence behind it. I though l was going to fast to make the turn so l tried to run it out. I started to stumble than tumble forward. I didn't even bother trying to take the brunt of the fall with my hands because I had bracken them previously in a snowboarding accident. instead I toke the blow to the head. My chin got slammed into my chest and broke my C5 C6 neck. At the time I didn't know what was wrong with me. I was laying on the road and people started coming out of their homes and looking for concern at me. My brother panicked and proceeded to tell the people to go back into their homes and that his sister was fine and to stop staring at us. He than knelt down to me and said, "you are ok Jacquie?" I calmly said, "Kristopher I cant move." Not to long after that the ambulance arrived with my husband Paul following right behind them. He told me he forgot all his training when he saw it was me. Life Flight tock me away.

Friday, October 7, 2011

children are so cute

My youngest son who is six came to me the other day after watching the news and said, "mom on tuesday and thursday its going to be raining and lighting bolt striking".