Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Angel Meg

This girl is god sent. She was picked just for our family. Heavenly Father knew we needed her. When I broke my neck she was in kindergarden. She didn't want to go any more she just wanted to stay at home and take care of her mom she was five then. I let her stay home because she has a August birthday and the cut off date is the first of September. So now she's the oldest in her class and I find that works better for my kids. She is still the second mommy in our house. When my morning routine is taking longer than it should which is often Meg will than wake up the two little boys, get jake dressed, and feed them both breakfast and its not just cereal. She makes them eggs and toast and pancakes. She walks them to and from school and helps Jake with his homework. She even sleeps with me when paul sleeps at the Fire Station for his forty-eight hour shift. One last thing she is so affectionate.

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