Sunday, October 30, 2011

Freak Show

Jake Lance

Jake my youngest boy, baby precious, a little bit spoiled to say the least. He is not the most aggressive kid. He's a softy, a daydreamer, and a cuddlier. He told me he wanted to play basketball because he was good. I believed him because he was very convincing but I should have known better. He just finished up soccer and he loved it but he was one of those kids that would play with the butterflies in the field rather than the ball. When we went to basketball the first day the kids practice for the first half hour and play the game the last half hour. Now Jake I thought was tall for his age until I got to the game and saw that half of his team were a head taller and they played like little professionals. They were pulling off underhand layups! When they were warming up and passing the ball back and forth to each other Jake was teamed up with one of the big boys. He was passing the ball so hard to Jake that by the last catch Jake started crying. He had fun in the game even though no one passed to him and I don't thinks he touched the ball once. So yesterday when Jake, Lance and I went to the second basket ball game, Jake immediately said that he didn't want to warm up. Lance decided that he wanted to play basketball when he saw how fun it was the first game so I told Jake that if he didn't want to warm up than he couldn't play ball and his brother would gladly take his spot. Jake was ok with that until the game started thats when he grew horns and turned red. I would have asked if they could both play but their team was so full. For a half hour Jake screamed, cried, jumped up and down, and kicked my wheelchair. It was so embarrassing. I tried to leave and go in the hallway but every time I went to push my wheels he would hold me back while still screaming of course. When we got home he was still raging, so i put him in his room. Where he proceeded to kick a hole in the door. Where has my baby precious gone?

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