Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have been spelling quadriplegic this way for 41/2 yrs. That is why most of you are having a hard time finding my blog. Yes I am retarded. One of our many lovely creditors just phoned me and asked what type of bankruptcy are You filing? I said: I think I am filing chapter 12. He said, " there is only chapter 7 and 13."
I really did a number on myself by hitting my head when I crashed and I popped way to many pills. I have chronic nerve pain from my injury but not as much pain as I led myself to believe. I thought, : the only way I'm going to be able to deal with this injury is to be high. It put me in a fog, in made me feel Good, And I didn't have to deal with the reality of being a quadriplegic. It was the only way I knew how to cope at the time. I Have been clean now for 10 week's with a few slip ups. It doesn't sound as bad when you say it that way. when you have an unhealthy addiction you're supposed to substitute it for a healthy activity . I always new I should try bloging but never had the desire until now. it has brought me so much happiness and peace. I cant believe that people care about what I have to say.
On a lighter subject I'm going to tell you another funny story about, guess who? Jake! Like I have said before, Jake is a softy, to put it nicely. He will not go into the developed basements where the 3 older kids stay. I would go with him but we don't have an elevator. He also won't go into the garage alone to get me my diet coke's. So he prefers to use Which ever toilet is closest to whomever is in the house. My bedroom and bathroom are open to each other so this one night Jake runs into my bedroom and says, " I need to use the bathroom, I'll be really quick, it should only be one." After he was done he said you, " oh, it was 2 poops."
I enjoy my kids so much. I feel so blessed to have had them all before my accident.


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Christine Hill said...

you are not retarded, I wouldn't know how to spell it either! and p.s you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!